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Adv. Yael Moshkowitz joined Weksler Bregman in 2000, and became a partner in 2005. At the start of her career, prior to joining the firm, she served as Command Prosecutor in the IDF Military Advocate General’s Corps, handling complex criminal cases. Yael possesses special expertise in handling class action and derivative suits in the capital market, as well as specializing with extensive experience in handling class action suits in the field of banking. Yael accompanies the legal work with her clients even before matters have turned into a dispute in Court, while conducting commercial and legal risks management, including crisis management with comprehension of lateral processes of significance to the company prior to their becoming an actual crisis and by outlining paths of action and of coping with the issues, in order to avoid legal proceedings or to minimize their extent. With her many years of wide-ranging experience, Yael represents the most significant clients of the firm in complex and far-ranging proceedings, and in precedential legal questions in all the firm’s areas of activity, including class action suits, company law, banking and securities law, complex commercial and civil suits, administrative proceedings, including dealing with administrative petitions. In addition Yael handles petitions in the fields of land, including claims relating to the legal relations amongst entrepreneurial companies and contractors and themselves, as well as disputes between entrepreneurial companies and contractors and customers, suppliers and purchasers. In the field of banking laws, Yael represents a number of leading banks in class action suits and complex claims, as well as counseling the banks’ legal departments regarding complex issues even before the legal dispute transforms into Court proceedings. Yael’s expertise is in matters connected with continuing relations between banks and their customers, including, inter alia, claims of negligence on the part of the bank, breach of the bank’s obligations towards its customers and so on. Yael has extensive experience in administrative enforcement proceedings, including accompanying clients during criminal and administrative investigations in the area of securities. Furthermore Yael deals with all matters in the criminal realm connected with business licensing, building violations, including counseling for companies and managers prior to submission of indictments in order to avoid the submission of the indictment. Because of Yael’s extensive and in-depth legal knowledge cases involving complex and precedential matters with far-reaching financial implications are forwarded for her attention, together with cases of high sensitivity for the firm’s clients.