The Mission

To make M&A research a simple, pleasant, and productive experience.

  • Founded June 2008

Mergr is a single purpose tool for diving into and researching the interconnected world of those engaged in Mergers & Acquisitions

Founded in June of 2008 as a niche database of private equity firms (, Mergr has evolved into a trusted resource that covers the broader universe of M&A.

With daily updates by a dedicated team of analysts to a database built 100% internally, Mergr offers users a unique perspective and interface that is designed to provide insight and value to professionals of all types.

Mergr's long-term goal is to be a comprehensive, up to date resource on all entities engaged in M&A activity - whether as buyer, seller, or advisor.

Sam Nelson

Sam Nelson is the Founder and CEO of Mergr. Prior to founding Mergr, Sam worked for LA-based Skyview Capital where he was responsible for developing deal flow. Prior to Skyview, Sam worked for Platinum Equity. Sam has a BS in Economics from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities and an MBA from Pepperdine University's Graziadio School of Business and Management.