M&A Deal Summary

Flint Energy Services Acquires Carson Energy Services

On October 3, 2011, Flint Energy Services Ltd. acquired energy services and equipment company Carson Energy Services Ltd. for 165M USD

Acquisition Highlights
  • This is Flint Energy Services’ 2nd transaction in the Energy Services and Equipment sector.
  • This is Flint Energy Services’ 1st largest (disclosed) transaction.
  • This is Flint Energy Services’ 2nd transaction in Canada.
  • This is Flint Energy Services’ 1st transaction in Saskatchewan.

M&A Deal Summary

Date 2011-10-03
Target Carson Energy Services Ltd.
Sector Energy Services and Equipment
Buyer(s) Flint Energy Services Ltd.
Deal Type Add-on Acquisition
Deal Value 165M USD
Advisor(s) Sequeira Partners, Inc. (Financial)


Carson Energy Services Ltd.

Lampman, Saskatchewan, Canada
Carson Energy Services Ltd. pipeline construction, fabrication, facility construction, maintenance, and horizontal directional drilling.

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Buyer(S) 1


Flint Energy Services Ltd.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Category Company
Founded 1998
SectorEnergy Services and Equipment

Flint Energy Services Ltd., providing an expanding range of integrated products and services for the energy industry including production services; field construction; oilfield transportation; process equipment design and manufacturing; tubular management services; and plant management and maintenance services. Flint provides this unique breadth of products and services through over 60 strategic locations in the oil and gas producing areas of western North America, from Inuvik in the Northwest Territories to Mission, Texas on the Mexican border. Flint is a preferred provider of infrastructure construction management, module fabrication, and maintenance services for upgrading and production facilities in Alberta's oil sands sector.

Overall 2 of 2
Sector (Energy Services and Equipment) 2 of 2
Type (Add-on Acquisition) 2 of 2
State (Saskatchewan) 1 of 1
Country (Canada) 2 of 2
Year (2011) 1 of 1
Size (of disclosed) 1 of 1
2001-12-04 IPEC Ltd.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

IPEC was an energy service company active in pipeline and oil field construction and petroleum equipment and services. It implemented a growth strategy based on acquisition, consolidation and integration of complementary businesses.

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