M&A Deal Summary

CST Utilities Acquires Precise Boring of Ohio

On June 24, 2024, CST Utilities acquired utilities company Precise Boring of Ohio

Acquisition Highlights
  • This is CST Utilities’ 1st transaction in the Utilities sector.
  • This is CST Utilities’ 1st transaction in the United States.
  • This is CST Utilities’ 1st transaction in Ohio.

M&A Deal Summary

Date 2024-06-24
Target Precise Boring of Ohio
Sector Utilities
Buyer(s) CST Utilities
Deal Type Add-on Acquisition


Precise Boring of Ohio

Lancaster, Ohio, United States
Precise Boring of Ohio provides essential utility services including electricity, water, and natural gas across the state of Ohio. Precise Boring of Ohio is based in Lancaster, Ohio.

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Buyer(S) 1


CST Utilities

Grove city, Ohio, United States


Category Company
Founded 1969
Sector Utilities

CST Utilities is a turnkey infrastructure service company providing a range of complementary underground services including excavation, boring, drain cleaning, and other pumping services to public utilities, telecom providers, and other businesses. CST Utilities was founded in 1969 and is based in Grove city, Ohio.

Overall 1 of 1
Sector (Utilities) 1 of 1
Type (Add-on Acquisition) 1 of 1
State (Ohio) 1 of 1
Country (United States) 1 of 1
Year (2024) 1 of 1