M&A Deal Summary

Scytl Acquires SOE Software

On January 11, 2012, Scytl acquired internet software and services company SOE Software

Acquisition Highlights
  • This is Scytl’s 1st transaction in the Internet Software and Services sector.
  • This is Scytl’s 1st transaction in the United States.
  • This is Scytl’s 1st transaction in Florida.

M&A Deal Summary

Date 2012-01-11
Target SOE Software
Sector Internet Software and Services
Buyer(s) Scytl
Deal Type Add-on Acquisition


SOE Software

Tampa, Florida, United States
SOE Software provides a suite of 8 software modules that allow election authorities to be more efficient and transparent in their management of elections and in their communications with citizens and media.

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Buyer(S) 1



Barcelona, Spain


Category Company
Founded 2001
Sector Information Technology

Scytl is a leader in secure electronic voting, election management and election modernization solutions. Scytl's solutions incorporate unique cryptographic protocols that ensure maximum security, transparency and auditability in all types of elections. Scytl’s groundbreaking electoral security technology is protected by international patents and enables organizations to electronically carry out all types of electoral processes in a completely secure and auditable manner, positioning the company as the global leader in the industry.

Overall 1 of 1
Sector (Internet Software and Services) 1 of 1
Type (Add-on Acquisition) 1 of 1
State (Florida) 1 of 1
Country (United States) 1 of 1
Year (2012) 1 of 1