M&A Deal Summary

Medin Acquires AMT Medical

On July 1, 2019, Medin acquired medical products company AMT Medical

Acquisition Highlights
  • This is Medin’s 1st transaction in the Medical Products sector.
  • This is Medin’s 1st transaction in the United States.
  • This is Medin’s 1st transaction in Washington.

M&A Deal Summary

Date 2019-07-01
Target AMT Medical
Sector Medical Products
Buyer(s) Medin
Deal Type Add-on Acquisition


AMT Medical

Monroe, Washington, United States
AMT Medical, Inc. is a medical contract manufacturer of orthopedic implants and surgical instruments. AMT Medical was formed in 2000 and is based in Monroe, Washington.

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Buyer(S) 1



Totowa, New Jersey, United States


Category Company
Founded 1960
Sector Medical Products

Medin is a designer and manufacturer of medical products, with a focus on highly engineered, custom-designed sterilization cases and trays, for many of the world's leading providers of orthopedic implants and instruments. Medin Technologies was founded in 1960 and is based in Totowa, New Jersey.

Overall 1 of 1
Sector (Medical Products) 1 of 1
Type (Add-on Acquisition) 1 of 1
State (Washington) 1 of 1
Country (United States) 1 of 1
Year (2019) 1 of 1