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Joined: 2001

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Zabdaj Pollen is associated with AKD as Corporate lawyer and was appointed partner in 2009. Since 2001. Zabdaj has focused on the transaction practice. In it he advises clients at home and abroad, both (strategic) buyers and sellers, both in one-on-one transactions in controlled auctions. In addition, he pays special attention to structuring the phase before and during the phase after the transaction. In advance, by achieving an optimal structure in terms of intra-group (financial and tax) relations and allocation of valuable assets. Afterwards, to ensure proper integration of the new company (ies) within the existing structure (for copper) or by optimally structuring the proceeds in a way that the risk of vendor benefits (for seller). His practice focuses on reducing a complex process to a manageable transaction and guiding the operator so that he / she keeps focus on substantive decisions over technical details. In short, in cooperation with the entrepreneur and other consultants involved working towards a successful conclusion of a project within a short period of time. Proactivity, accuracy and precision are the key elements of his practice. In 2008 Zabdaj completed a two-year Executive MBA studies at the Rotterdam School of Management. This study has provided a broad base of knowledge about economic, financial and operational drivers of companies. With this knowledge Zabdaj enables quick translation of practical need for a concrete applicable solution for the entrepreneur.


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